“…freely ye have received, freely give.” — Matthew 10:8

PleasantViewer.org is the product of Cameron Dutro, Gabriel Serafini, Julian Schwartz, James Koval.  April, Genevieve and Andrea also contributed feedback to the early prototypes.  The initial version was built over the course of Memorial Day weekend, 2013, at the U.C. Berkeley CSO.

What is this?
PleasantViewer.org is a full-stack Open Source free platform for sharing citations from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

Why did we build it?
Our motivation is to bring useful study materials, inspirational texts, and focused textual research to as many people as possible, with as few limitations as possible.  We’re trying to provide a tangible, useful example that hopefully will bless the world.

Open Source
We designed and built a full-stack, GPL 2.0 licensed Open Source stack to realize this project.  Here is where you can get the source code:

  • cskit-rb – this runs on a Heroku instance, and serves up a json / jsonp REST API
  • pleasant-viewer WordPress plugin – lets anyone add citation display to their WordPress site
  • cskit-jsonp – Live API testbed where you can explore returned citation results in realtime